Have you heard of Reiki before?
Do you know what it is?
Or if you do know, are you considering trying reiki for its extraordinary potential health benefits?
Whatever your questions, they all led you to my website today!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a life force energy that creates and flows through all living creature. Reiki therapy is a treatment whereby a practitioner delivers the energy through gentle touch or holding one’s hands above the body. This healing technique can also be sent to you remotely over distance!

Reiki was founded by Mr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1920s after he underwent a spiritual journey. The term comes from the Japanese words 霊 or REI (universal) and 氣 or KI (energy). Reiki is believed to further your self-healing abilities.

What are Reiki’s Benefits?

  • Promoting relaxation, and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance
  • Improving energy flow, post-surgery recovery
  • Relieving stresses and anxiety, and symptoms such as pains and tension
  • Encouraging positive thoughts
  • Supporting in recharging energy and connecting heart and soul

Reiki is also a great complement for the well-being of those who go through traditional medical treatments, according to myriad studies.

I am offering a 20 min free experimental Reiki session as well as a 20 min free consultation, along with several treatment options. If Reiki is new to you but interests you, why don’t you let yourself try this universal life force energy? For those that currently have issues and/or go through traditional medical treatments, I would like you to try the free session to see if Reiki is for you (I’m sure it is!) and ask me any questions that you may have during the consultation. I am one email away at reikiinsynch@gmail.com.

About Myself

Hello, my name is Fumio and I am a Reiki Master. I am a native to the country where Reiki was originally developed: Japan. Working as a flight attendant and linguist, and then living in the Middle East and Asia gave me so many opportunities to grow spiritually. One of my first experiences was feeling a steady sense of the warmth around me while a ceiling fan was on above my head, and this sensation eventually led me to Reiki. My journey continues to stay strong as a healer.

I will send you Reiki from the US capital.


Fumio gave me a session on zoom, and she sent her Reiki for my terrible stiff shoulders. After she started Reiki, I felt my body getting warmer and the warmth circulating in the body gradually. As I intended to receive the energy from her, it felt stronger! The session felt like passing as quick as a wink. Lo and behold, my shoulder pain went away!! I felt her love in the Reiki energy. —- (Y K, Kanazawa, Japan)

As I told Fumio where I felt pain and heavy and waited relaxed, I started feeling the problem areas were wrapped around in a warm and gentle aura. After the session, I felt so much refreshed and relaxed physically and emotionally. I hope more people will experience the warmth of her Reiki first-hand. —- (N K, Kurume, Japan)

I asked Fumio to send Reiki to my two daughters. She sent a distant Reiki to each of them and wrote me some feedback based on her healing. Her session uniquely turned into a therapy session. Her feedback for each of the girls was surprisingly correct, and they became energetic after they received the distant Reiki from her. More surprisingly, her session also helped me realize something I could’ve seen better that lay in my relationship with them. With that in mind, I tried to enhance my communication and got to feel more positive. During our sessions, she’s always there for us, considerate and supportive. She’s a good listener and drew out my thoughts. Her Reiki energy healing was so relaxing and unwound us. I would love to have a session just for myself next time. Thanks!! —- (Y F, Boston, US)